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Create artificially intelligent enterprise operations chatbots in chat.

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What makes ChatWorks different?

(Hint: Our chatbots can perform enterprise operations and you can create them in chat).

Every business has operations.

All operations involve communication and action.

A lot of these communications and actions can be rendered digital and handled with artificial intelligence.

Solving more than chat.

Several chatbot solutions exist.

But most only solve chat. That is fine for some things, but it is not enough for others.

Often, only solving chat, simply means creating a new bottleneck elsewhere.

For example - preparing orders, collecting payments, queueing collections, updating stock, updating accounts and organising delivery.

You don't have to be an IT genius.

Solutions exist that can help solve these problems, but tend to be very complicated and can only be implemented by seasoned (very expensive) IT professionals.

If you can chat, you can use ChatWorks.

Platform agnostic.

You need to meet your customers on the chat platform they prefer, mitigate against sudden platform popularity shifts or commercial policy changes, geographical restrictions and platform outages, all while standardising your User eXperience. Our architecture, platform agnostic by design, offers these advantages.

That is the ChatWorks difference.

Our approach helps you unblock bottlenecks along your entire enterprise operations chain, from customer prospecting to order fulfilment.

The ChatWorks approach solves it all.

Sales prospecting. Leads qualifying. Customer profiling. Targeted messaging. Referrals marketing. Lead generation. Pipeline management. Speech interpretation. Query fielding. Product upselling. Order taking. Payments processing. Logistics handling. Electronic fulfilment. Delivery confirmation. Legacy systems posting. Third-party systems integration. Platform risk mitigation. The works.

And that has benefits.

This approach mitigates your solution procurement risk and delivers a fully functional, artificially intelligent, highly autonomous, change resilient, chat commerce channel, quickly.

See for yourself.

We have a working technology demonstrator.

It is a ChatWorks powered smartbot, that lives in WhatsApp, takes your orders in plain English, processes your mobile money payments and dispenses the airtime bundles of your choice, to the phone line of your choice, for any of the three mobile networks in Kenya - one smart channel, all networks served.

It demonstrates all the key functionality, you need to create a fully functional, artificially intelligent, highly autonomous, chat commerce channel, using airtime as the sample product.

Click here to try it.

Build your chat commerce channel the smart (and easy) way by chatting to us.


Our in-house chat commerce technology demonstrator is a universal airtime shop in WhatsApp.

It lets users buy airtime for any number on any of the networks in Kenya with a simple chat and to pay with MPESA (mobile money).

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