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People will talk...

Talking is that most quintessential human of characteristics.

One might even argue it is the single most distinctive feature that separates humans from our animal brethren.

That's why conversational user interfaces chat commerce have such a bright future.

The ability to communicate highly complex and abstract ideas using language and passing them down generation to generation creating culture and complex societies in the process.

Every day, us humans send, on average 38 chat messages and receive 106 in return! We send 6 billion text messages and consume an untold amount of minutes of talk time. And that's not counting everything we way to each other in person!

So clearly, humans love to talk.

So what better way, to serve people than via the medium they love the most? Talking.

It's fast becoming a new buzzword, but conversational user interfaces are actually nothing new. A sales hotline is a conversational user interface. What is new, is the ability to make machines, speak to humans, like we speak to each other. That generates new "economies of scalability" that we never had before.

A well trained, natural language processing chatbot, can talk to humans, like we do to each other, except that it can do it, with millions of people, at the same time, never getting tired, never getting irate, never getting bored of having the same conversation over and over again with multiple people. Now that, us humans do not like!

Sounds to us like a pretty good reason then, to leave that to the machines, since they do not mind!

But machine learning and natural language processing are still in their relative infancy. It still takes highly skilled and compensated engineers, to build natural language processing, conversational user interfaces that provide a delightful and comfortable user experience.

Not everyone is (or wants to be) an advanced computer programmer though. Even if they may see the benefits of getting on the conversational commerce wave.

That's where turnkey solutions providers like ChatWorks come in.

We afford our clients the benefit of customising tried and test, fully functional, conversational commerce channels, across the gamut of the most popular chat applications out there, without requiring them to shell out potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars and wait several months for development, for a fully bespoke solution built by specialist engineers from the ground up.

For small retail outlets it's even simpler. For as little as $10 a month you can reserve a business name, configure a chatbot, create a shopping cart, upload a stock database, set up mobile or card payments processing, and create your dispatch process, all by chatting to a bot and without having to write a line of code.

The future of conversational commerce is bright. Machine learning, language processing and conversational user interfaces and messaging platforms are only going to get better.

If you would like your business to be a pioneering part of this brave new world, we'll tell you what, drop us a line and let's talk!

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